Monday, February 16, 2015


Heel fissures, or splitting skin, can be unsightly, painful, and potentially hazardous to your health.
Chronic dry skin, athletes’ foot, wearing open back shoes, and cold weather are all contributory factors that can lead to this painful condition.
Walking, which puts pressure on the fissures, causes them to split and become more vulnerable to bacterial invasion, which can lead to infection.
A podiatrist can remove or debride the callusing in the affected area. A topical medication that allows for more successful penetration of the callus may also be suggested.
Reducing the size of the callused tissue helps to accelerate the closure of the fissure.
In additions, applying recommended moisturizers may help alleviate the condition.

As with all conditions your doctor should be consulted to diagnose and treat this condition.
Feet are vulnerable and prone to complaints, but most problems don’t just disappear on their own.

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HINT: Prolonged standing, particularly on hard floors, can result in heel fissures.