Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Bunions are often one of the major causes of foot pain. A family history, or many years of wearing ill-fitting shoes could leave you with a large lump on the side of your foot, and protruding into your shoes. A bunion deformity occurs when there is a muscle imbalance in the intrinsic muscles of the foot. Over time what starts as a small bump can get larger, and develop into your toes crossing over each other. Sometimes bunion pain can be relieved with conservative measures, such as padding the area, orthotics, or buying wider shoes. More severe or painful cases generally need surgical intervention.

If your bunion continues to hurt, you need an evaluation by an experienced podiatrist to determine the best course of action. Sometimes it’s best to tackle the problem before it gets worse. At FAMILYFOOT CARE we can offer both conservative and surgical intervention to help your feet feel better, and ease your pain. Call us at 704-786-4482 to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. We have two locations to serve you: 1022 Lee-Ann Drive Concord and 6602 Roberta Road Harrisburg.

Hint: Ensure you shoes fit your feet properly.