Monday, March 9, 2015


Although it is an effective way to burn calories, using a treadmill requires caution. 
Frequent walking at a much higher rate of steps per minute on a sharp incline can result in foot injuries. 
Inflammation of the tissues of the heel, known a plantar fasciitis, is a common result from treadmill use. 
The pressure and friction experienced can also cause Morton’s neuroma, a nerve irritation near the base of the third and fourth toes. 
Other potential issues include tendonitis and blisters. Stretching exercises done prior to a workout can be of benefit. Orthotics or padding for shoes may offer some relief. Also, lowering the incline and speed aggressive treadmill used and maintaining a shorter stride may help in preventing foot injuries.

Whenever your feet hurt, it’s important to find out why. Bearing in mind how much our feet do for us.
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HINT: When possible, vary your treadmill workouts with training outdoors.

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